Fan guards for industrial fans and vacuums

This type of grids is highly customizable. It is possible to choose the number of brackets, the pitch, the diameters of the last ring / interaxis / maximum external ring, the one relative to the possible central hole, the thickness of the wires to be used, the geometry (flat, conical or raised), and so on…
– Realization: on drawing
– Material: iron or AISI 304/316
– Finishing: raw, galvanized, painted, pickled or polished

Griglie per aspiratori

Grids for industrial vacuums

Griglia lato motore con agganci

Motor side grid with brackets

griglia lato motore a saldare

Engine side grid to weld

Griglia portamotore per ventilatori

Motor-support grid for fans

Griglia portamotore a saldare

Motor-support grid to weld

Griglia a cestello lato girante

Impeller side raised grid

Griglia a cestello portamotore

Raised motor-support grid

Griglia conica per aspiratori industriali

Conical grid for industrial vacuums

Semi-griglia rialzata per ventilatori

Raised semi-grid for industrial fans

Semi-griglia a tronco di cono per ventilatori

Truncated-cone semi-grid for fans

Griglia cilindrica per torrini di aspirazione

Cylindrical grid for suction towers

Griglia a cestello per ventilatori da armadio

Spacer grid for motor

Griglia a cestello per ventilatori da armadio

Raised grid for cabinet fans

Griglia a cestello per ventilatori da armadio

Protective grid for smoke extractor