The establishments

The business buildings cover a total area of over 5700 m2 and includes 2300 m2 of production plants, 2500 m2 of warehouses for raw material, semi-finished and finished products, 500 m2 of operational offices and a 250 m2 of automatic galvanizing plant.

The warehouses

In order to satisfy the need for a just-in-time production, we constantly have a large stock of raw materials such as Fe36, AISI 304 and AISI 316 that covers the entire range of diameters we work with.

In Lean’s perspective we have developed a management of some standard semi-finished products that allows us to reduce lead times to a minimum.

The warehouses of finished products are always supplied with electro-welded panels measuring 1000×2000 mm and 1000×4000 mm with 90×12 mm anti-interference mesh, and with 1000×2000 panels with 90×20.2 mm mesh, also available with galvanized finishing.

Lean Production

Since 2012 we introduced the Lean Production in our Company, aimed at optimizing production and reducing waste.

A work team trained in the principles of the Lean has been identified in the De Rossi srl staff, which aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • reduction of delivery times and increased service levels

  • increase in resource efficiency and productivity

  • constant increase in the quality level

  • increase of flexibility to changes in the production mix

  • constant analysis of warehouses and definition of stocks for iron and AISI

By applying specific techniques and tools, we identify the sources of waste to eliminate them and increase the efficiency of the plants in order to optimize the production process.

The Lean philosophy has allowed us to activate a cycle of continuous improvement, managing to meet the needs of the current market characterized by lots of even unit size and tightening delivery times.

Technical assistance

Given the non-standard nature of the products, the orders are usually based on a drawing provided by the Customer.

Should there be the need to create a product in accordance with particular structural and aesthetic characteristics, our Technical Office offers a consulting service accompanying the Customer throughout the design phase.

The production

The use of cybersphysical, automatic and semi-automatic machineries with numerical control and high flexibility makes it possible to support a large daily production of accident-prevention grids in various configurations, guaranteeing constant quality standards thanks to the electronic management of the various processing steps.

Over the years we have evolved to create an ever-changing range of geometries and sizes:
flat or raised circular grids, conical or cylindrical, closed in the center or motor support; horseshoe-shaped grids, truncated cone, boxed or with special openings.

An important branch of our production is dedicated to the belt guards for air compressors, which can be equipped with an assembly system designed to avoid the use of bolts and, on request, supplied with spacers and metal anchoring washers.

Diversification is important. For this reason, since 2018, we have chosen to enter the market of components in shaped wire, with complex accomplishments in 2D and 3D.

The surface finishing

Thanks to an internal galvanic plant we are able to supply electrolytically galvanized products without affecting the delivery time in the least.

In addition to galvanized, all products can be supplied raw, painted with epoxy powders (iron), pickled or polished (stainless steel).

Packaging and shipping

We take care of every aspect from beginning to end. The goods is packaged according to a standard procedure:

  • use of EUR or customized pallets

  • fixing with nylon and stretch nylon straps

  • finish with tape with integrity seal logo

  • label application with destination address, code and quantity


  • photo of the finished packaging

Finally, to fully satisfy the needs of Customers, we offer a carrier booking service with forwarding of the relevant transport documentation via e-mail.


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